Why Curb-Ease


Certified Installers

Curb-Ease™ is the only registered Canadian Franchise in the industry. Some of the benefits of dealing with a solid, National Franchise are:

  1. Installation crews are fully trained and qualified to produce a premium quality job.
  2. All teams are insured and have WCB coverage to protect our customers and our employees.
  3. Franchise owners live in their Area of Primary Responsibility and contribute to local  programs.
  4. Workmanship and materials are guaranteed by your local installer.
  5. Franchisees participate in ongoing skills and business development programs.
  6. Head Office maintains an aggressive Research & Development initiative to improve on existing products and introduce new products that service customers needs.
  7. Many independent contractors go out of business within a year or two, whereas Curb-Ease™ has been here for over 20 years and we continue to grow by providing premium quality products and outstanding service.
  8. All Franchisees utilize a Inter National Customer Service Centre to receive incoming calls and answer customer questions in a timely and professional manner.
Don't be fooled by similar products.  Curb-Ease™ decorative concrete borders are only installed and offered by certified professional Curb-Ease™ Owner Operators. 

When Quality Matters

Curb-Ease™ uses only premium quality products and supplies.

  1. A standard "Curb Mix" is comprised of a combination of sand, cement and water however Curb-Ease™ Standard Curb Mix also includes a glass reinforced fibre and concentrated concrete "polymer additive".
  2. The glass reinforced fibre greatly reduces the possibility of certain cracking.
  3. The Curb "polymer additive" increases strength and flexibility. It also speeds up the curing process so that the curb achieves greater strength faster.
  4. Curb-Ease™ uses Integral Colour in all coloured and stamped curbing jobs.  The Curber's Choice™ Integral Colour pigments infuse concrete with rich, long-lasting, fade-resistant colour. This technique is used to produce a backdrop for contrasting accent or antiquing colors, such as our Curber's Choice™ pigmented Release Agents. This layering of color is what enables us to closely replicate the variegated, multi-tone appearance of natural stone or antiquing.
  5. After 1-2 days of curing Curb-Ease™ coats the curb with a protective, VOC Compliant, acrylic sealer. * this process of sealing should be repeated every few years (depending on conditions) to keep the job looking brand new. We can provide homeowners with the best product or can have one of our sealing crews perform this for a nominal cost.

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