The Process


Before the Job
Before the installation can begin a Curb-Ease™ Representative will meet with you to provide a written estimate.  After reviewing your project he/she will go through the options including profiles, stamps and colour choices that will best compliment your home.

The Installation
On the day of the installation a Curb-Ease™ crew member will mark off the areas where the borders are to be installed using an environmentally friendly spray paint. Next, they'll use a sod cutter to cut a smooth line for the concrete curb to follow. Prior to the extrusion of the concrete curb, a sand base will be installed and compacted.

Extruding the Curb
Once the prep has been completed the special concrete is mixed on the back of a Curb-Ease™ self contained curbing trailer. When a mix is ready it is placed into a wheelbarrow and brought over to where the curbing will begin.  As the mix is shoveled into the curb machine the plunging system compacts the mix into the desired profile and extrudes the curb out of the back of the machine.  

The Finish
After the curb has been extruded t
he installer will put the finishing touches on the curb before applying a stamp impression.  Next, the installer will broadcast a release agent over the curb to allow for the stamping tool to be released.  Once the stamping has been completed control cuts are put in approximately every 3.5 ft. to allow for the curbing to expand and contract.

Once the concrete has cured for at least a day, the excess release agent is washed off and an industrial cure and seal designed to be applied to new concrete is applied.  It is recommended that your concrete be resealed every couple of years to keep it looking new.

Don't be fooled by similar products.  Curb-Ease™ decorative concrete borders are only installed and offered by certified professional Curb-Ease™ Owner Operators.



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