Curbing Installation

What you can expect when a Curb-Ease™ Franchisee installs your decorative concrete landscape borders.


Have a Curb-Ease™ Franchisee in your area provide you with a free no obligation estimate. Our Franchisee will discuss the various options available to you and help create a solution specifically designed to meet your needs. Curb-Ease™ offers a wide selection of colours, stamp impressions and profiles, so you can be sure to achieve the perfect match for your home / landscape project.

There are no surprises with Curb-Ease™, all estimates include a detailed written quotation with a guaranteed price that is backed by a National Warranty on materials and workmanship.

Curbing Estimate


Curb-Ease™ self contained custom curbing trailers are designed to carry all the equipment, tools and materials needed to complete your project quickly - with minimum disruption.

The curb extruder and sod cutter are smaller than a wheelbarrow, light weight and self propelling.  All equipment has been designed to minimize any unnecessary mess to the customers yard while achieving top efficiency and maneuverability.

Curbing Equipment


Ground prep is extremely important.  Curb-Ease™ removes sod where necessary ensuring the base is solid allowing a smooth extrusion of the concrete. Soft flowing lines are recommended for most residential applications as this provides "easy to mow" access for lawn cutting. 


Over the past 20 years Curb-Ease™ has worked on improving the curb mix to provide customers with the strongest, most flexible concrete border available today.  Aside from the industry standard of cement, sand, water and sometimes colour, Curb-Ease™ standard mix also contains glass fibre and a curb strengthening product which is added to each mix -- increasing the structural integrity of the concrete.


The Turbo-Curber™ curb machine extrudes the concrete border.  The certified Curb-Ease™ operators trowel and finish the curbs by hand.  Once the curbs are smooth the stamp impression is applied giving the concrete border a decorative finish. Finally, 2 coats of high quality acrylic sealer are applied (decorative curbs only) to enhance and protect the finish from staining etc.